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We have the pure CBD you have been looking for. That is a pretty easy claim to make when you have just 2 ingredients and independent 3rd party lab results to back it up.

Here are just some of the independent, third party labs showing our CBD oils purity and other details.  These are the images/pages you NEED to care about.   The competition has trace levels of mold, pesticides, or metals… YIKES!  Thsi is what a CLEAN report looks like.  Until better regulations are in place, we have to be informed consumers.

To see even more information and details than what I’m showing you below, CLICK HERE and follow the link for “documentation”.

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These first 4 images are testing for the presence of specific CBD and THC related items.    The amount of THC shown is considered trace, fully legal (under the 0.3% federal limit), and is NOT psychoactive. It is considered a food grade amount, similar to how poppy seeds are legal, but can still possibly show trace amounts of other things.  Understandably, there are many people in professions that can’t consume our full spectrum product.  Have no fear!  I’m including the results for our THC-FREE CBD oil as well in the 3rd and 4th images:

This one is the Full spectrum 500 CBD oil:

Below is the Full Spectrum 750 CBD oil:

Below is our THC-FREE 500 CBD Oil:

Below is our THC-FREE 750 CBD oil:


Many companies only show the images above.  They stop short of the rest of the report.  That can be a warning sign if they aren’t giving you full disclosure.  Fortunately, we like transparency.   In this image below, our CBD oil is further analyzed for a number of other things including molds, pesticides, and metals which are listed in the left column.  N/D in the right column means “not detected”.

No Pesticides. No Mold.

This image is an overview of the product, but I wanted you to see it too:

So, there you have it.  Being a fully educated consumer is powerful.  I have another blog post showing what can appear on lab reports from the competition here:  http://www.hempaffiliate.org/cbd/cbd-oil-labels-cbd-lab-results/


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