Is Hemp Marijuana?

Is Hemp the same as Marijuana?Is hemp marijuana?  It seems like there is still a lot of confusion about hemp, marijuana, cannabis, and CBD!   The answer is an absolute NO!  They are not the same thing.  While they both can carry health benefits, hemp is the helpful plant that gets you healthy, not high!

Cannabis is a name that describes both plants, but Hemp and Marijuana are cousins, not twins.  Better yet, a chihuahua and great dane are both dogs, but very different from each other.

The squash example:

hemp marijuanaI like to explain it using squash as an example.  There’s all types of squash: yellow squash, zucchini, even pumpkins.   Yes, they are all the family, but you’re not going to see me carving a zucchini like it’s crazier pumpkin cousin.

The Difference:

That’s what we have with the Hemp Marijuana confusion and situation. both are considered cannabis, but the THC is what makes them different:

Hemp – NOT Psychoactive, less than .3% THC, 20%+ CBD, easy to cultivate in most climates, used for: plastics, oils, fibers, construction, body care, healthy dietary supplements, etc.

Marijuana – Psychoactive, High THC 5%-35%, 10%+ CBD (less than THC), used for medical and recreational use.

AHA! THC! Well… not really.  That .3% in hemp is a maximum, and even then, that makes it food grade quality.  HempWorx products, for example, have been tested by third parties and are safely BELOW 0.3% and are hemp derived.  Add in CBD which is shown to counteract and suppress THC’s “high” effects, now you’re REALLY not going to be getting high on hemp.

(Essentially, it’s like the poppy seed and opiate phenomenon. (You DID know that eating a poppyseed product like a poppyseed bagel or poppyseed muffin could possibly show positive for opiates, right?) Legal, you’re not getting high from it, but possibly detectable in a lab test.  It is something to be aware of if you are subject to random drug testing.  While highly unlikely, they can’t guarantee you won’t get a positive result.)

For this reason, Hempworx has produced a THC-Free “Broad Spectrum” version of their products as well if you ARE drug tested.


Is hemp marijuana?

So, let’s say you’re in the wilds of Kentucky and happen across an industrial hemp field.  How are you going to know that you aren’t looking at marijuana?   Well, marijuana is broad leafed, a tight bud, or looks like a nugget with “hairs” and looks like a short, fat bush.  Hemp is very different.  Growing up to 16 ft tall, with plants as close as 4 inches to each other, it has skinnier leaves concentrated at the top with few branches and leaves below.

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