Hack your AncestryDNA – CBD in your Genes

Hack Ancestry DNA results and learn more about your geneticsDid you know you can download your AncestryDNA results and get your raw data files?  Our DNA tells us so much more than just who we are related to.  With a raw AncestryDNA data file, you can upload into other analyzers and learn more about your unique health risk factors.  It will assist you in learning more about how to live a healthier life for your genetics!  In fact, researching DNA led to the first time that I ever heard of the EndoCannabinoid system and why CBD is a needed nutrient. (Click for MORE INFO on the ECS from a different blog entry.) By learning more about how our genes are functioning in our liver, kidneys, Neuro-transmitter pathways, celiac vulnerability, etc., we can get answers about on how to work towards a healthier body.

Here’s how to get your AncestryDNA data file:
  1. Log into your account at www.ancestrydna.com
  2. Click the gear in the top right corner
  3. On the new screen, there will be a menu on the right to “Download Raw Data”.
  4. Enter your email and proceed with security steps
mthfr support snipped ancestryDNA resultsI have a DNA .zip file.  Now What?

Head over to a site like https://mthfrsupport.com/  and select “Sterling’s App”  at the top to begin.  This site began to help users identify if they carried a specific gene mutation that affects a large part of the population.  It has grown to help users analyze their DNA across multiple risk areas because our bodies are more complex than just a single gene.  The result of this growing project is a 50+ page report that separates out your body’s systems.  Lists then color code your genetic markers with green, yellow, and red to help you quickly identify possible areas of concern.  (There is also a section on the Endocannabinoid system!)

Don’t miss the last pages of the report which contain helpful charts to understand how the body processes nutrients.  After all, like a car’s engine type processes fuel, our unique genetics impact how we process what we put into it!  (Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with them, it is just a really neat product to explore.)

I wish I could say that once the results come back it will be simple to understand, but our bodies just aren’t that simple.  Understandably, genes are complex and impact each other.  You will be able to search the SNPs across the internet when you begin your journey for more information.   It’s fascinating stuff!

Have fun learning!

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