CBD oil labels and lab results

How do I read CBD oil labels?  What’s this about CBD lab results?

CBD oil labels?  Lab Results?  Mold? Lead? Pesticides? Ethanol Extraction?  CO2 extraction?  Groups like the US Hemp Roundtable are working to embrace standards, best practices and self-regulation to bring an end to the confusion.  You could say it’s a bit of a wild west scenario at the moment.  It is up to us as consumers to educate ourselves anytime we put anything in and on our bodies.  (This goes for everything from our food and medications to beauty and cleaning products!)

Whenever a company makes an effort to post their lab results, look at them!

I love that HempWorx posts their third party lab results right on their page. (See them HERE, follow link for “documentation”) Just the mere presence of documentation being posted doesn’t mean it’s a clean report though.  I recently looked at another brand, and they had their reports online for everyone to see.  I guess they assume the typical customer won’t look at them.  They must be right because the other company’s reports showed traces of lead.  YIKES.  I don’t care if it’s under a certain level of concern, if I have a product choice, I’m going with the company that doesn’t have trace lead.

What about the other companies that are simply choosing to not post their labs? That is another warning sign that they simply can’t compete.  I like transparency, don’t you?

Let’s be honest with ourselves.   No one eats/consumes “clean” 100% of the time, but we can always “know better, do better” for ourselves.   Health concerns are why most people start to research CBD.  It could be any one of the many things our EndoCannabinoid System impacts.  (Our bodies are like engines that are only as good as the fuel we give it.)

A friend had a different product they tried recently, and that particular company was bragging on their website about their “gentle ethanol-based extraction method at -17°F. ”  Um.. what?  Sure enough, they posted their independent 3rd party lab results on their page, and the amount present in their product was over 5 TIMES the recommended limits for their state.  I thought people took CBD to help them get healthy? Not sick! Yikes!  Other companies may like that method because it’s cheap for them, but here’s why ethanol extraction is bad for you:

“Most of the ethanol in the body is broken down in the liver by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), which transforms ethanol into a toxic compound called acetaldehyde (CH3CHO), a known carcinogen.”  (Source:  https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/aa72/aa72.htm  )

Ok, I know all that is scary, BUT that’s why reputable companies are working hard to educate consumers to see through marketing tactics.  Another tactic is “Proprietary process”.  Those are fancy words to hide their probably-not-great extraction process….


Can I stop and point out how EXCITING it is that you have come to the point of researching this information because it means you are on the road to change and a healthier life?

Let’s talk about CBD Oil Labels:

Another thing to consider when looking at CBD oil labels is if they are compliant.  Did you know that it is possible for a product to make it to a store shelf without meeting guidelines?  Click HERE for FDA labeling guidelines (Check out that link, and the 132 page PDF document it links to.)  HempWorx works very hard to be compliant in all they do. If a company is making a nutritional product and using a label from a home printer, there’s another warning sign that purity standards might be at risk too.  There’s even rules on the type of font that has to be used!

Let’s look at the HempWorx label:

This is what compliant CBD oil labels should look like.  Look at the ingredients listed.  The HempWorx product only has 2-3 ingredients. (That 3rd ingredient is if there’s a flavor.)  The hemp seed oil is the carrier oil.  Some companies will use other types of oils, but HempWorx believes in keeping the CBD in a native oil that originated from. It makes sense right?  Next, is the CBD extract.  It is very important that it says “Extract” in there.  This is another purity indicator.  Other companies will use Isolates or attempt to mask that it is an isolate with some type of proprietary or trademarked blend.  Again, an extract is as pure as you can get. There’s nothing proprietary to be made about pure ingredients.  The key is in the process of keeping it pure and free of contaminates.

I’m extremely excited about this product, and am excited about what it is doing for so many people.

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Want to learn more about our lab results?  I have more info on this blog: http://www.hempaffiliate.org/cbd/purest-cbd-oil-lab-results-hempworx-cbd-oil/


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